Accounting and Financials

Key Benefits See some Screen Shots below

Fully integerated system wide accounting that insures your transactions don't go out of balance

Has all the you need for you and your accountant

Flexible Chart of Accounts that can be modified as needed

GST reports both accural and cash basis

Profit & Loss reports based on any date range

Balance sheet and Trial balance

Many accounting and financial reports to meet your needs and tax obligations

Banking functionality

General Journal

Bank Reconciliation

Many transaction reports

Bank Transfers

Spend and Receive money

General Journal

Bank Reconciliation

As of Date payables reconciliation reports and balance sheet


This is where you create all your business accounts. It also shows you all the account balances.


This is one of the GST/BAS reports. Tradebreakup provides numerous other business and financial reports including Profit and Loss reports on a period in time, Job, Invoice No., Customer and Supplier statements, Stock Control reports, Sales and Services Analysis reports, Purchases reports, Banking reports, Balance Sheet etc.


This is one way to see your profit and loss for a time period.


This is the Balance Sheet or the Statement of Financial Position.


This is the Trial Balance. By selecting a date period, the movement can be ascertained.


This is the banking main screen.


This is the General Journal where you can record transaction you like.


This is the Bank Reconciliation screen to reconcile your bank statement with Tradebreakup and make sure all bank statement transactions have been accounted for.


Here is a simple way to transfer funds from one account to another..


This is another way to make a purchase instead of a Purchase Invoice.


Here you can receive money that requires no invoice.